Trends in the Industry

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Business and IT Leadership Trends for 2015
12. Finance starts to play a much more formative role in the enterprise strategy and its implementation with
      new Accurate Analytics connected to the FBAs (Fundamental Business Activities).
11. Labor arbitrage for outsourcing, shared services, supply chain and cloud etc... will be replaced as the
      driving concept.  Processes and new Risk and Value identification along with Insourcing will be adding
      improved enterprise performance  as well as the audit functions and enterprise management track to
      Best-In-Class.  Insourcing presents new risk and value opportunities.
10. KIDM (Knowledge, Information and Data Management) will take on its newly discovered capabilities to
      provide accurate analytics and become a new driving force that is more accurate and more responsive
      while being more effective and efficient solving the current issue of having 192% of the data required and
      less then 47% of the knowledge which when soloed doubles the volume of data in the systems while
      eliminating 20% of data not to be ever needed and or used.
9. IT will try to facilitate the technology to obtain the Knowledge – Information and Data so that TRUST can
    be inserted in the processes. IT will need to be re-skilled and re-educated to make Business Leaders
8. Speed of the enterprise performance by identifying what needs to be changed driven by the KIDM
    (Knowledge, Information and Data Management) system. Key focus will be on the concept of relevant
    knowledge for the precisions of the decisions delivered to the right person at the right time with the right
    reliability etc.
7. Fundamental Business Activities many will be linked as engines will be connected to the strategy,
    governance and security and decision making process.
6. The Enterprise Strategy will take on a new meaning as to getting it just perfect and implementing it with
     high performance with many new options such as digitalization etc. Open Source will gain real momentum
     in the market against Intel.
5. Risk management will be focus of all management – the identification process and then what to do and
    how to do it.
4. Innovation will become the “Process” with SMD (Smart Mobile Devices) taking the lead and process being
    dramatically changed to identify innovation and support it. Innovative culture to innovative offerings then be
    successful with it.
3. Analytics are the mantra of management decisions and success across the entire infrastructure and
    functions.  Security covers not just IT, but the enterprise including SMD (Smart Mobile
    Devices) not just Cyber Security, but including all forms of Security breaches including IP theft, etc.
2. KIDM (Knowledge Information and Data Management) performance will focus on eliminating excess
    data and deficient knowledge. Eliminate the useless data and solve the knowledge deficit.
1. Knowledge, Information and Data accuracy, availability to the right person at the right time for the right
What is Required to Implement the Trends
The year of Attention to Detail Deficit Disorder starts to be Resolved
13. BYOD - BYOS – BYOC  Bring your own Device, Software and Cloud is the new reality.
14. Mobile and SMD – BYOD, BYOS to BYOC become key parts of the process and reporting and
      Knowledge, Information and Data Management. Analytics connected to the FBAs Drive the Analytics
      which drive the Automated Social Connected processes.  Consumerization of IT as everyone is now
      an IT person. IT starts to treat Business Leaders as partners. Most believe they have better IT at home
      than in the office.
15. IT automation establishes its trend – Self Service to Analytics to Digitalization.
16. Three (3) D Printing changes so many industries and so many products as this “Trillion Dollar Industry.”
      Changes from R&D, Offering Management along the TTM (Time to Market) and TTP (Time to
      Profitability) as the costs and schedules drop so dramatically along with Supply Chain and Off Shoring.
17. Digitalization becomes the next world wide trend delivering important and real process improvement.
18. Security is now taken on a new level of concern due to SMD’s and BYOD, BYOS to BYOC.
19. Open Source makes its debut and takes a large part of the market with it.
20. Socialization of the Business Processes supersedes BPM as we know it. Is called “Gamification.”
21. Speed of the Business Process Management execution takes over from lean steps less steps to more
      informed collaboration.
22. Having the right FBAs takes precedence over missing /skipping  FBAs and least steps vs the required
      steps to Best In Class.
23. Collaborative and consensus building  take precedent over documents and meetings and jurisdiction and
      the identification of required decisions and the precision of those decisions.
24. Professional Services Automation will be accepted by the largest and most successful services and
      consulting practices.
25. Professional Services Automation becomes the next approach to ensure more accuracy, faster and more
      complete and important improvements with accurate benchmarking.
26. The Knowledge workers reduce the internal travel time from 50% to 25% due to having the right KIDM
      (Knowledge Information and Data Management) the new most important process for increased
       performance and contribution.
27. Marketing starts to be funded and treated like a competitive asset as they produce accurate
      “Realizable Revenue” by adding science to the identification of unmet and unidentified needs of
      the customer.
28. The process is in place to identify the unmet and unidentified needs of the employees as HCM (Human
      Career Management) becomes visible and managed as a competitive asset to and for innovation.
29. Data Scientists and Data Managers become the first broad reality in the enterprise focused on obtaining
      required KEP™.
30. Outsourcing market continues to slide with smaller deals and more bidders who try to make technology
      and knowledge (TechKnowledge) their competitive asset.  An exception is Help Desk which will see
      an uptick for Outsourcing and Shared Services.
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 Dramatic Changes in IT Leadership 2015
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