Providing the intelligence, analytics, methodology and path to improved management process and performance fueled by Software Powered Offerings (SPOs) identifying "Risk and Value Opportunities".


Maximizing the value delivered by IT for the enterprise by addressing 57 critical areas for alignment and support. Significant bottom-line impact includes: improvement in enterprise performance, improvement in IT performance, improvement in enterprise ROI, improving the precision and speed of the decision processes.

 IT 360
Increasing outsourcing value for customers and service providers.

 OVA enables customer & service provider collaboration to identify concerns, issues, root causes and solutions to increase value realized. In addition the software and process provides a strategic, consistent, effective & efficient governance framework to align and connect the enterprise business / budget model and strategy. Significant improvement in customer and service provider relationship, communication and value delivered.

 Outsourcing Value Analysis

Cloud is about changing the Business or Budget Model of the Enterprise at the lowest risk and highest value for performance improvement. The software identifies the value opportunities and risk of implementation for customers preparing to evaluate Cloud as a strategic initiative.

 Cloud Enterprise Implementation

Evaluate transition project risks including accurate forecast of cost, timing and business benefit (risk to ROI) before and during the transition. Significant value delivered: reduces the transition expenditure by 20-31%, reduces the plan and delivery time by 40+%, improves the implementation value by 17%-43%.

 Transition Validation
Web-based activity/process management/ assessment tool with bonus feature of activity based costing. Used to eliminate non-value added activities and processes, pinpoints erosion of effectiveness in processes, and identifies where the dollars being spent, on what and for whom.
 Process & Cost Analyzer

An effective and efficient process to identify what data, information and knowledge is missing, how to acquire it while providing the competitive intelligence and enhancing the wisdom required for competitive performance leadership. The software provides the path and insight to improve the decision process and therefore the precision of decisions.

 Knowledge, Information & Data Management
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Alliance Value Maximization
Business Integration
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Business Partner Success
Business Process Improvement
Business Intelligence
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Business Transformation
Organization Change Management
Business Strategy
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Customer Experience
Enterprise Performance
Cloud Strategy & Deployment
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Growth Enablement
Governance (Insourcing & Outsourcing)
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IT Transformation
Knowledge & Data Management
IT & Business Alignment
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Program Management
Shared Services
VAR Success
Acquisition/Divesture Valuation
Enterprise Security
Initiative Review (Project & Product)
SPOs By Capability
Outsourcing is supported by a number of NorthPoint SPOs we assist in identifying the correct starting point.
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