Trends in the Industry

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Leadership Trends for 2015
6. The IoT provides completely new technologies providing companies new opportunities to jump into entirely
    new industries and markets. Connecting devices – robots – language, artificial intelligence making
    decision via digitalized processes.
5.  IT Architects must think data first and be the “Angels of the Enterprises” with speed and acceptance flying
     across the silo’s Identifying how and where the KIDM is, and how it will be delivered, from where to who,
     when and how!

          Their number one issue is decades of application-centric silos that are unconnected and not
          designed to be easily discovered, shared or used by other applications. Analytic driven enterprises
          will force the acknowledgement but slows responsiveness an important cultural analytic.

          Application integration is estimated to consume more that 1/3 of their budget on application

          Also by 2016 it is estimated that over ˝ of large application integration will be spent on data integration
          and analytics.  
4. IT does not currently deliver the speed with accurate responsiveness that is required by the business
    leadership to match the acceleration of changes to the Business and Budget models.
3. IT is no longer considered to be a key competitive asset to the enterprise and still holds the record in
    C-Level turn-over.  IT now must become architects of KIDM, the KEP™ (Knowledge, Experience and
    Performance) to provide the accuracy with responsiveness meeting the needs of the enterprise
2. There is at this point little differentiation between the competitive software applications products and
1. Business Leaders are transforming their Business and their first requirement is their (KIDM) Knowledge,
    Information and Data Management program. They now think “data first” and “data foremost”. No longer
    applications first and foremost.  IT needs to comprehend that it is good-bye to an applications centered
    strategy. Data is now the new center of everything important in order to accomplish their transformation
    goals and therefore is their foremost need and focus.
Dramatic Change in IT Leadership 2015
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Business and IT Leadership Trends for 2015
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