NorthPoint Immutable Laws

 1.  86% of the enterprises have not achieved “Best-in-Class” performance and they missed between 37% and
      46% of the most important Fundamental Business Activities (FBAs) that are required to achieve peak

 2.  Risk management is not practiced by more than 91% of the personnel in the enterprise. The 9% that do
      practice it are the most respected personnel who have unique KEP™ (Knowledge, Experience and
      Performance) that “See risks that could eliminate or cause success and or failure” and know the difference.

 3.  The most important knowledge for management to achieve and maintain “Best-in-Class” performance is their
      Realizable Revenue. However, only 9% - 11% have proven, accurate numbers. 92% of the enteprises do not
      ask for more than 60% of the Knowledge – Information and Data they need for their decisions.

 4.  Beyond realizable revenue, management must have the knowledge of the unmet needs of the target market.
      However, less than 18% had achieved that!

 5.  54% of the enterprises have low levels of success compared to “Best-in-Class”. They scored between
      48.2%-61.5% on 60 FBAs while completely missing over 45 of the key 105 FBAs (out of the 105 FBAs).

 6.  27% of the enterprises that had medium levels of success scored between 63.2% - 76.5% on 84 (FBAs)
      Fundamental Business Activities and missed 21 of the key 105 FBAs.

 7. 12.4% of the enterprises achieving high levels of sustained success scored between 78.2% - 87.3% and
      missed 12 of the 105 FBAs.

 8.  6.8% of the enterprises that have very high levels of sustained success and are the market leaders scored
      between 88.62% - 96.63% on the FBAs (99 of the 105 FBAs).

 9.  Enterprise Management missed between 64% and 78% of the required capabilities they need and should
      expect from their marketing organization. Therefore missed the realizable revenue each year.

 10. 71% of the enterprises underperform the market leaders in the precision of their decisions and their
       performance ranges from 45.4% to 62.2% of what is required to add to their Brand Value.

 11. If there isn't an effective process that identifies risk in the enterprise, un-validated personal biases will have
       the largest impact on Time to Market (TTM) and Time to Profitability (TTP). This leads to missed revenues
       and cost opportunities.

 12. Only 45.2% to 61.1% of the required knowledge for the precision of decisions is available and that deficit
       adds between 35% to 46% to the internal process time.

 13. Enterprise Brand has to be 87% or higher to be “Best-in-Class” in order to shorten the sales cycle. However,
       only 14% of the enterprises have achieved that.

 14. Brand if scored below 87%, adds to the sales cycle. A brand index of 65% has a 3x multiplier on the sales

 15. Only 13% of the enterprises identify and deliver the required, accurate knowledge and it provides them a
       market performance advantage. Between 24.1% and 31.3% of the enterprises do not have internal and
       external data, information and knowledge of customers unmet or unidentified needs and therefore 61.% of
       the time the revenue objectives are missed. There isn’t an effective process to identify accurate realizable
       revenue in over 87.3% of the organizations.

 16.  93.7% of the enterprises do not have the required Knowledge – Information and Data to make the required
        key decisions and do not measure the precision of the decisions required to execute the strategy.

 17.  Missing Knowledge, Information and Data Management is the number one issue that leads to an incomplete
        strategy and is not connected to drive the strategy and decision making process.
Providing the intelligence, analytics, methodology and path to improved management process and performance fueled by Software Powered Offerings (SPOs) identifying "Risk and Value Opportunities".
Based on years of research, NorthPoint has identified the Immutable Laws of Enterprise Performance. These are the most important analytical laws that when ignored lead to failure.
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