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Leadership Trends for 2015
12. KIDM (Knowledge, Information and Data Management) providing accurate analytics will become the
      focus of success that is required to become the acknowledged leader. Successful analytics are PCS
      compliant i.e. (Problem Root Cause and Solution) connected directly to the Fundamental Business
      Activities as the engine driving the organization.
11. Marketing will become more important with new science and analytics from improved data management
      with new research conclusions that were not available before.
10. Personal cloud will surpass in interest and desire and finally implementation over the initial Cloud
      concept with associated security issues as Cloud separates its initiatives between IT and the Business
      Leadership.  Security at the enterprise levels, especially B2C, takes on new levels of importance and
      at the enterprise level.  Security remains the #1 issue for Cloud that makes the required changes to the
      organization reflected in the Cloud based Business and Budget Model.
9. Everyone becomes an IT person and IT continues to slide backwards more as a facility manager than a
    competitive asset in 60+% of the companies and more so in the universities with fewer degrees in IT.
8. Speed of the enterprise to identify what needs to be changed will focus on KIDM (Knowledge,
    Information and Data Management) as a key strategic initiative making Responsiveness a strategic
7. Fundamental Business Activities as engines of a business will focus on speed and not just lean and less
    steps based on KIDM (Knowledge, Information and Data Management) replacing just cost cutting with
    new personal effectiveness.
6. The Strategy will become the focus of new interest, performance with new technology so that when it is
     implemented the organization will be successful. 
5. Risk management for all management will become the mantra for the most successful enterprises
    to gain momentum to start to employ risk management with analytics.
4. Innovation will become the focus of interest for those companies that are on a path of sustained success
    as market knowledge of any unmet and unidentified  needs are a low point in 71% – 74 % of the
    enterprises in seven (7) years.
3. For the economy to obtain its desired growth, considering the high rates of the unemployed and
    underemployed, 3-4 more market segments must show signs of growth due to new innovative products
    and services. A total of 8 market segments are required for the economy to be considered growing.
2. Digital and analogue market messaging, internal and external, supporting the brand will be a key
    differentiator to improve market and financial performance. Leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT)
    will expand market opportunities.
1. Of the 20+ market segments, currently 14 have limited or no innovation with 3-4 will showing some signs
    of growth that outpaces the replacement market. Only 4 markets at this time show constant signs of
    innovation and therefore growth, 1. - HealthCare  2. - Biotech  3. - Software  4. - Telecommunications.
    Currently mostly a replacement market for those without Innovation.
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Dramatic Changes in IT Leadership 2015
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Business and IT Leadership Trends for 2015
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