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Product Development

Providing the intelligence, analytics, methodology and path to improved management process and performance fueled by Software Powered Offerings (SPOs) identifying "Risk and Value Opportunities".
Effectively creating offerings that meet and or exceed customer expectations.
Web-based activity/process management/ assessment tool with bonus feature of activity based costing. Used to eliminate non-value added activities and processes, pinpoints erosion of effectiveness in processes, and identifies where the dollars being spent, on what and for whom.
Offering Development Success
Identifies what the total market opportunity is, direct and indirect channel deployment opportunities, value required that determines pricing, market segmentation and target buyer demographics. The process identifies 28-46% of the missing knowledge required for offering success and shortens the cycle to target buyer needs by 36%.
 Identifies what the process has to be for innovative offerings. How the offering or offerings perform to “Best-in-Class” with the innovation metrics for an enterprise.
 Innovation Leadership Assessment
Identifies what knowledge is critical & required of a new offering for specific buyers in specific target markets. Analysis is focused on: unmet & unidentified needs, competitor assessment & achievable value. Typical results include: improvement in realizable revenue by 35% - 42%, speeds the development cycle and testing cycles by ~22% - 34%.
 Offering Assessment Valuation
Providing the product marketing team with the knowledge of the root cause of the buyer’s problem. Evaluates the seller’s understanding of the buyer’s problem and ability to solve obtained via interviews of potential buyers. Typical results include: reduction in the time to acquire the knowledge of buyer needs by a factor 2-4X, increases the accuracy of the market needs by 45%-65%.
 Buyer Seller Needs Assessment
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Corporate/Business Unit Leadership
Data Management
Business Strategy
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Global Business Services
Information Technology
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Product Development
Program Management
Private Equity/Venture Capital Leadership
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Supply Chain
VAR Leadership
Marketing & Sales
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 Market Opportunity Development
 Process & Cost Analyzer
SPOs By Function
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