Providing the intelligence, analytics, methodology and path to improved management process and performance fueled by Software Powered Offerings (SPOs) identifying "Risk and Value Opportunities".
Mr. Chapman was the Chairman and CEO of NorthPoint Software and Services LLC and NorthPoint Software Ventures Inc since the company’s formation in February 1992. NorthPoint provides software and services that identify the inherent risks and value for eighteen different market segments industry. These products and services connect risks and value by establishing the specific Steps Tasks and Processes (STP’s) that enterprises must execute in order to be successful and achieve “Best In Class performance. The concept and idea for these products came from the process developed at Landmark Partners where they acquire secondary investment portfolios that proved to be very successful in the industry.

From March 1990 to February 1992, as one of the founding partners of Landmark Partners he served as general partner and executive vice president. From March 1988 to March 1990, Mr. Chapman served as president and CEO of Computer Power Group, Americas. He was Chairman, president and CEO of Cullinet Software, Inc. from March 1986 to March 1988. From May 1981 to April 1986, Mr. Chapman was senior vice president at Data General. At Data General Mr. Chapman took the quality from lowest in the industry to exceed IBM. At the same time lead the industry in a new concept in automation that reduced the costs of its products by better that one third and the inventory by 60% and opened new facilities in Asia, Singapore, Thailand, China and Japan. Total of 12 sites world wide reported to Mr. Chapman.
Prior to Data General, Mr. Chapman began his career at IBM as an engineer. Subsequently, he held several senior management positions before becoming director of IBM’s programming center. In that position he was responsible for IBM’s worldwide information systems. That responsibility included design, development and deployment for CMIS (Common Management Information Systems) applications used in all of IBM’s locations from development to manufacturing and customer support. These applications covered the development product design, customers order processing, scheduling, logistics, ERP, manufacturing control, finance, procurement, warehousing distribution, customer relationship management and reporting. These systems were installed in 13 major IBM locations.

He then promoted to General Manager for IBM’s Boca Raton manufacturing facility, responsible for IBM Series 1, printers and other processors. While in Boca Raton, Mr. Chapman also served as president of the YMCA and worked with other directors to raise $3.5 million for its first new facility. Mr. Chapman’s next promotion led him to Rochester, Minnesota as General Manager of Operations to focus on IBM’s System 36, 38 Series, the AS400 as well as the development of a total new disk drive manufacturing and engineering facility. In 1980, he was promoted to be IBM’s corporate director for worldwide IT and manufacturing...

He was a founding partner with Landmark Ventures, which had both a direct investment fund and acquired secondary investment portfolios. Landmark leads the industry in the methodology of acquiring secondary investments interests of organizations who as limited partners provided investment funds to the Venture Capital organizations. Landmark lead the industry in acquiring and financing secondary portfolios and it was this database of investments that lead to the concept of NorthPoint. Today landmark has in excess of 4 Billion under management.

Mr. Chapman is currently on the board of directors for a number of companies both private and public, specializing in technology and medical health care immune disease diagnostics etc. His committee responsibilities include compensation, audit and governance holding chairmanships of each. As a board member he has been both audit and compensation committee chairmen for more than 10 companies. He has served those rolls for public companies as well and was chairman of the audit committed responsible for the implementation of Sarbanes Oxley, GAAP and FASB standards, etc compliance and reporting.

He was on the board of the Nashville Technology Council for 6 years, headquartered in Nashville Tennessee where the mission is the advancement of technology solutions, education and implementation for the enterprises in Tennessee and surrounding states. He is responsible for the yearly Innovation Technology Conference that is in its fourth year as part of the NTC board responsibilities.

He also is engaged for numerous speaking engagements on the concept of risk management the important new trends in the successful management of technology. Given that the most successful managers are those who identify risk and are able to convert that into new value. The lectures are based on the concept of ERM Enterprise Risk Management as it takes “Risk” to develop value. The focus of most lectures is how to identify and manage risk in the enterprise. He has been a visiting lecturer at the Sloan School for Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Currently, he lectures at Rutgers University, Vanderbilt, Belmont and SMU. He has taught the eBusiness eCommerce curriculum at Clark University Masters and PhD program for three years completing 2004 spring semester. Each of these lectures or course curriculum applied NorthPoint’s software
products for their class projects and research.

Mr. Chapman published his first book in 2002. Co-Authoring it with Barry Sheehy, the book is called Smart Business (Making Sure Investments in IT Hit the Mark Every Time) and details the technology and process developed by NorthPoint for senior managers who manage Information Technology. The technologies, process and software were developed for both providers and users of Information Technology. The products provide the ability to see each step or task required to manage IT initiatives to the highest levels of success and achieve industry “Best In Class” results. This book has received numerous accolades in the industry and universities. It provides a simple process and concepts with the supporting details, of the steps and tasks to effectively, efficiently and successfully manage business technology initiatives.
Mr. Chapman holds a master’s degree in science from the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 1987, Mr. Chapman was also awarded the coveted MIT Corporate Leadership Award.
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