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Based on our research, NorthPoint has developed 32 products to address the issues that an enterprise and/or an investor encounter in attempting to identify the risks to performance in an organization.
"Predictive insights for actionable decisions" . . .
Whether you are a $5 million dollar high-growth business, a $100 billion dollar enterprise or an advisory firm that desires to add software powered assets to solve their clients issues, NorthPoint has the solutions to identify prescriptive actions and predictive intelligence for the pathway to peak performance and beyond.

NorthPoint has integrated knowledge and technology into more than 30 solutions to significantly shorten the discovery and service delivery aspects of improvement initiatives.

Our “Best-in-Class” database of over 8500 Fundamental Business Activities and supporting Steps, Tasks and Processes have enabled over 500 enterprises across 22 industry segments to identify risks and value opportunities to improve enterprise performance, offering success or investments.

We welcome the opportunity to partner with you to achieve success.
Using analytics to provide predictive (expected time, cost and delivery value based on current course and speed) and prescriptive (what must be changed, for what reason and how to do it) insights for business leaders to optimize and sustain enterprise/functional performance over time through a repeatable and measurable improvement process. Providing the intelligence, analytics, methodology and path to improved management process and performance fueled by Software Powered Offerings (SPOs) identifying "Risk and Value Opportunities".
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