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We recognize that our employees, customers and our business partners are key assets. We will retain our employees and motivate them by recognizing their achievements, mentoring them to enable their growth and empowering them to deliver outstanding value to our customers and business partners.  We believe that company growth and financial success will come as a natural by-product of these beliefs.
Providing the intelligence, analytics, methodology and path to improved management process and performance fueled by Software Powered Offerings (SPOs) identifying "Risk and Value Opportunities".
TEAMWORK - We demonstrate a sense of pride in our team achievements and recognize and reward those successes. Our behaviors reflect the critical importance of a "team first" frame of mind.
FUN - We foster a culture that enables our employees along with our clients to enjoy their work and to be able to balance a fun work environment with an understanding that we also have family and friends that require our support.
RECOGNITION - We celebrate successes in our client's business as well as in our own.
RESPECT - We respect our clients, their employees, and our employees and contractors.  We encourage differing polite, constructive professional viewpoints.  We maintain our clients proprietary information privately and safely.
HONESTY / INTEGRITY - Our interpersonal relationships are always grounded in the truth.
VALUE DELIVERY - We demonstrate a passion to achieve the highest financial results for our clients and also for NorthPoint.
MENTORING - We demonstrate a genuine concern for our employees, provide timely feedback both upward and downward and establish an environment that requires and rewards personal growth.
EMPOWERMENT - We enable our employees to make business decisions that are in the best interests of our clients and our company and are appropriate in their assigned task.
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